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About Open Ocean

Open Ocean Outrigger & SUP originally formed as a partnership in early 2002 when outrigger builder Dee Van Winkle's mould for the Sea Lion one man outrigger (OC-1)  came up for sale in California.

The mould was purchased, shipped to Vancouver and redesigned and shaped with the help of the late James Van Nostren into the first new OC-1 design to be manufactured in Canada. The renamed C-Lion and it's sit-on-top cousin the C-Lion ST were (until 2015) still manufactured in British Columbia. Many Clubs in BC still have C-Lions as part of their club training fleets.  

In 2009 the business changed to a sole proprietorship.

Current owner Ross Creasy began paddling outrigger canoe in 1994 with the False Creek Racing Canoe Club. During one of the AGM's he stuck up his hand and volunteered to be the outrigger rep and became involved with CORA - the Canadian Outrigger Racing Association shortly after that. At the public declaration by then CORA president Brent Bagnall that "Outrigger canoe racing in Canada was "different" than the rest of the world" ,

Ross launched the first Yahoo! discussion forum geared at outrigger paddlers in Canada.This Yahoo!Groups forum later became CORA's website with the help and support of other enthusiastic paddlers and remains the focal point for "Canadian Outrigger" to this day. 

Ross later raced for the Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club from 2002 to 2012, returning to the club in 2016 as part of the club board. Ross is an avid supporter of paddle-sports in BC. 



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