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Hippostick Blurr EXP Sup Paddle - Open Ocean Outrigger & SUP

Hippostick Blurr EXP Sup Paddle


  • $270.00 USD

The 7.0 BLURR is Hippostick’s newest blade design -  as unique as the men who built it.

The blade outline, curve, and length were all designed and perfected by the unique and multi-talented Dave Boehne and owner Danny Ching.

The goal for Dave and Danny was to create a paddle that balanced the design features necessary to be a great surfing paddle, without sacrificing it's ability to be an efficient racing paddle.

The blade is our narrowest blade at 7 inches wide. The elongation of the blade and a wider upper-portion fit the needed surface area for a strong bite.

The sleek outline also maximizing the fluidity that the blade enters and exits the water.


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